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Green Bubble Algae

This blight in marine aquariums is truly one of the worst forms of algae. Bubble algae, like the name suggests, are green, spherical blooms of algae that contain a liquid within the gelatinous outer shell. They are often found on Indo-Pacific live rock. Green Bubble Algae reproduces one of two ways; vegetative budding growth or by formative daughter cell growth within each bubble. Reproductive cells become clear and the daughter cells can be seen inside the bubble. The shell becomes soft and breaks, releasing these daughter cells as new bubble algae.

Sadly, most fish will not eat this type of algae. There are options, however. Keep Nitrates low. One may need to physically remove the bubble without breaking it. This often means removing the rock and scraping it off.

There are also some species of rabbitfish and surgeonfish that will eat it, however this is not always successful. There are aquarists who have been successful ridding their tanks of bubble algae with Urchins, Emerald Crabs and some sea slugs. 


Prevention is better than cure.

You love your fish, right? We believe that you wouldn't be doing this hobby if you didn't. We get a lot of questions regarding various fish diseases, particularly White Spot. So instead of dealing with each individual case separately, we thought we'd share this information in an article. 

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Hermit Crab (Paguroidea)

Perhaps the most overlooked addition to a marine aquarium is the Hermit Crab. Quite why they are often overlooked is beyond us. Despite the name "Hermit" Crab, one should never keep less than 10 in the average 4ft aquarium. They actually prefer being around their own kind, often found in the wild in enormous packs. You'll also be glad yo've got at least 10, because they are considered "clean-up crew," working tirelessly to keep detritus from settling for too long on the rocks and in the sand bed. All of the benefit for a low bio-load critter that's entertaining to watch as well. It's a win-win in our opinion. 

Hermit Crabs do not grow their own shells and often kill snails in order to take their shells. If you have snails in your tank, consider adding bigger shells to your tank for them to find as they grow. It is no guarantee that they won't ambush your snails, but you could keep the casualties to a minimum. 

As with any invertebrate, keep copper levels down to zero and don't add any inver-eating fish such as triggers; these awesom "aquarium friends will be easily picked off if you do. 

Dorry Pets Maintenance Service

If you have difficulty keeping up with your own maintenance schedule, or just don't want the hassle of maintaining an aquarium, why not use our maintenance services, available for both Tropical and Marine aquariums. 

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We have a few shipments coming in over the next few weeks.

  • Bali - 16th of May
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  • Indonesia - 10th of June

Hemianthus Callitrichoides


More affectionately known as HC or Baby Tears, HC is a difficult, low-growing foreground plant that requires plenty light, regular supplemental fertilisation, and CO2 injection. 

If you have a hich-tech tank, or your tank meets the minimum requirements, we encourage you to add HC to you tank. Its bright green colour and miniature leaves really helps in creating a sense of scale in all aquariums. 


Veiltail Serpae Tetra

(Hyphessobrycon Eques)

Tetras are often used in aquariums because of their great varieties in colour, and this Serpae Tetra is no different and will make a welcome addition to most aquariums. They feed on insects, worms and crustaceans, eating mostly from the sruface of the water. Veiltail Serpae Tetras are most comfortable in heavily planted aquariums. Floating plants will help to dim the light in the tank and make them feel more comfortable. 

pH: 5 - 7.8

Temp: 22 - 26 degrees Celcius

Min. Tank Size: 60L

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