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Night Run Sale

Many of you may know that we are hosting a great sale on the 19th of June, between 18h00 and 20h00. Be sure to get yourselves there and be prepared for some great savings on any stock in the store. We will be closing the store at 16h00 on the day, but we expect to see you soon after when we reopen at 18h00. 

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Jelly Fish Aquarium

Next to the typical reef aquarium, perhaps one of the most sought after things is a tank for jellyfish. Well, may we introduce to you the perfect aquarium for just that, brought to you by Cubic Aquariums. 


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Legacy Lifestyle

If you're looking for a loyalty program that actually benefits you, then Legacy Lifestyle is a rewards program that will work for you. And, of course, you can use your Legacy points at Dorry Pets, so it makes sense that you register to Legacy Lifestyle today. 

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Gush Aquaware

Gush Aquaware offer affordable, quality glass products for your planted aquariums. From diffusers to CO2 drop checkers, Gush has what you need to get a high-tech planted aquarium running. 

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Brightwell Aquatics

Bightwell Aquatics have released a new range of products that you'll find are quite nifty indeed, with 3 new coral foods, clam hammocks and fragging discs. 

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Shipment Map

We have a few shipments coming in over the next few weeks.

  • Sri Lanka - 11th of June
  • Indonesia - 18th of June
  • USA - 26th of June
  • Kenya - 4th of July
  • Bali - 8th of July

* Tropical shipments will be announced at a later date. Our apologies for the inconvenience. 

As always, we will keep you informed about the arrival of shipments on Facebook

Burmese Spotted Danio (Danio sp. "Burma")

This is one of the smallest species of the genus, reachng lengths of only 2-3cm. 

Also know as Danio Tinwini, it has a unique colour pattern of three irregular rows of dark spots along their flanks and on their fins. Being a river fish, provide plants and wood for them to hide and rest form time to time. 

pH: 6.5 - 7.5

Temp: 22 - 26 degrees Celcius

Min. Tank Size: 60L

Blyxa (Blyxa Japonica)

Blyxa is a true aquatic plant found in shallow marshes and slow moving, iron-rich forest streams in Eastern Asia. 

This is not an overly difficult plant to grow so long as its requirements are met. It requires CO2 injection, regular fertilization and strong lighting. Healthy specimens' leaves will display golden and reddish hues. 

Don't let the look of this plant fool you, as this is actually a stem plant and will continuously produce small white flowers if phosphates are kept high (1-2ppm). 


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