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How to Make a Purchase on our Website

Our website is new. There are still a few gremlins to work through and ours work a little differently compared to other, bigger websites. So we thought we'd just add a little step-by-step guide to guide you through your first purchase with us. 


Dorry Kids

At Dorry Pets, we strive to do things differently. We are proud to present Dorry Kids, an initiative that allows you to bring your kids to learn about fish and aquatic life in general. We want to implement this initiative during the December holidays, but we urge you to visit our Facebook page by clicking here and taking the poll so that we can determine whether you'd like us to continue this idea into the future. 

How it works

If all goes well in the polls, we will have two days available in December where one of our trained staff will guide you and your kids through the store and chatting about aquatic life. Bookings must be made in advance but we must have a minimum amount of people attending. These sessions will be about an hour long. Each child will receive a small bag of food when they arrive and we will be allowing the kids to feed the fish. The sessions are free, but all you need to do is book in advance. If we feel there aren't enough people, we will notify you either on our Facebook page, by email or telephonically. 

What you can expect your kids to learn

All of the staff at Dorry Pets are highly motivated to conserve and protect nature as much as possible. We believe that by showing an interest and teaching kids between the ages of 7 and 14 years, can do our part in spreading the word and getting more people involved in protecting nature. In these sessions, your children will learn things such as:

  • How to feed fish
  • The responsibilities of fish-keeping
  • Interesting facts about various types of fish and other aquatic organisms
  • The difference between aquariums and nature,
  • Our responsibilities to protect and conserve nature,
  • Ecology, etc.

At the end of the session we will close off with a few questions, where your kids can engage with us and learn anything else we may not have covered in the session. 

Terms and Conditions

  1. All children must be accompanied by a parent/ guardian.
  2. Dorry Pets will not be held liable for any damages or harm that may come to you or your children. While we make every attempt to keep the store as safe as possible, accidents do happen. 
  3. Unruly behaviour will not be tolerated, and children, and accompanying parent/s or guardians of children who are deemed unruly, will be asked to leave the store. 
  4. We will only accept children between the ages of 7 and 14 years of age. 


White Spot: A Sentence to a Watery Grave, or Not?

Article by: Brian Marais

Winter often throws a few curve balls at hobbyists, with drops in temperature as a result of either power failures or even inadequate heaters. I’m not here to talk about heaters, but rather something that can occur in your tank as a result of undue stress, often created by sudden drops in temperature. 

I’m talking about White Spot, that dreaded layer of spots seen on the fishes outer layers that often leads to aquarists stressing. But is this really of due concern, or is it possible to keep white spot at bay easily?

Aquarium Plants: A General Discussion

Article by: Brian Marais

There are a plethora of plants to choose from for your aquarium. Some are very easy and are commonly referred to as weeds in aquariums, while others are so tricky that the closest comparison I can make is that they are as sensitive as discus; one funny look from you and they could just die. 

And with all the equipment requirements from lighting, CO2 injection, fertilizers, etc., it’s little wonder why so many people struggle to keep plants alive in an aquarium. Often is the case that this new technology doesn't make it any easier; if often makes it more difficult where it really shouldn't be the case. In this article I am going to explore why this could be. 

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