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SPS Corals

Article by: Brian Marais

"Your tank is not ready for SPS."

"SPS corals are very difficult to keep." 

Have you heard these statements before? Well, the truth is that SPS corals are not that much more difficult to keep than any other coral. So we're on the same page here, and in case you didn't know, SPS stands for Small Polyp Stony. 

Lighting Marine Aquariums

Article by: Ruberto Frazao


Article by: Brian Marais

Seachem NutriDiet Flakes

Article by: Deon Trollip


Article by: Lanzo Plath

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Cubic Aquarium's Pulse 80


Brightwell Aquatics

Brightwell Aquatics have released a new range saltwater aquarium goodies that are sure to suit your needs. 

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