We received our latest freshwater shipment today 20th July 2017 bala shark

 Neon Tetra

Neon Tetra



Bala Shark

bala shark

Cardinal Tetra

Cardinal tetra

Clown Loach

 Clown Loach

Glass Catfish

glass catfish

Rainbow Shark

rainbow shark

Siamese Algae Eater

SAE algae eater

Strawberry Rasbora

strawberry rasbora

Super Delta Tail Fighter

super delta betta

Albino Rainbow Shark

 Albino Rainbow Shark.jpg

Assorted Platy


Botia Striata

Botia Striata.jpg

 Tiger Oscar

Tiger Oscar.jpg

 Please note: The above pictures are for descriptive and reference purposes only. None of the above pictures are of the stock we received.