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Prodibio Stop Ammo 12 ampoules

Bind the ammonia in aquarium water
R 390,00

STOP AMMO is a product made from extracts of desert plants. These plants have developed a molecular system - glyco-compounds - whose chief property consists of binding ammonia nitrogen, which is extremely volatile and toxic. It stores it in a non-volatile, non-toxic form, and then synthesis it in the form of food, namely proteins and amino acids. To make it suitable for aquaculture, the saponins, which are poisonous to fish gills, have been removed. Thus STOP AMMO's essential property is to bind mainly the ammonia in aquarium water. It is useful also in water used for breeding and/or transport so as to reduce or prevent harm caused by non-ionised ammonia, NH3. STOP AMMO reduces the production of nitrites.


- In the water used for transport
- While saltwater fish are acclimatising after several hours spent in bags
- When aquariums are starting up, to reduce the production of nitrites


STOP AMMO binds and neutralises mainly the ammonia and the skatoles - compounds smelling of faeces, resulting from the decomposition of proteins - and, secondly, harmful gases such as sulphuretted hydrogen (SH2) and sulphured mercaptans.

alt The dose to be applied consists of 1 ampoule to 10 litres of water, the quantity normally used for a shipping pack.
alt With fish requiring different qualities of water, first dilute 1 ampoule in a litre of water and then distribute it among the bags

The results :

   > The ammonia content of the bags is reduced by 15 to 50%
   > The fish are less stressed
   > There is less harm done to the immune system
   > There are fewer cases of disease in the days following transport


This is especially important with saltwater due to pH variations.

During transport, the fish take in and expel CO2. The CO2 acidifies the water and lowers the pH (after 24 hours, pH = 6.8 to 7.2). At these values, when the pH is low, the ammonia compounds are mainly in the form of NH4, which is relatively harmless. During the drip acclimatisation period, the pH is monitored and gradually raised to between 8 and 8.2 (the values obtaining in well-balanced aquariums). Part of the NH4 is then converted into NH3, which is extremely toxic,
and the chief cause of deaths during acclimatisation.


alt 1 ampoule is used for one saltwater pack - 10 litres -, to be put into the tank taking the bag water, the fish and the drip system, and in which acclimatisation is going to begin.

The results :

> Fewer fish lost during acclimatisation
> A higher and healthier proportion of live saltwater fish
> Faster acclimatisation


alt Initially, 1 ampoule to 60 litres of water to prevent accidents on start-up.

alt If nitrites start to build up, 1 ampoules to 30 litres of water so as to take preventive action and reduce
nitrite production: decomposing fish, overfeeding, etc.

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